Saturday, May 13, 2017

short story slam week 68, unexpected and thoughts that remain sharp

short story slam week 68, unexpected and runner up fitness, why we shall use google to maxmize our world views 


marie le penn

Down the Road [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

curved seat...  

 who can predict our future?
anyone or none!!!!!!!!!!!
we are not discouraged
when our friends knock at our door,
posting their fat face with fat wallets

who can stop the earth from spinning?
absolutely none
we are happy and positive
about our neighbors, far distance friends
who opt to grace our world with poetry,
and write dramas pleasing our grandson

what fun is to ride
on an open sleigh
and let Jack and Jill drop their bucket pails
and sit, 
scrawny finches afternoon sun
balanced brittle hammer hard thoughts on Wall Street Journal
daubs and cold picnic nails please our decent ancestors
tomorrow a man will rise
and write your fame into poetry rally perfects

Whirligig 111

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Clothespins on the Line" by Sawnie Morris: scrawny, after, finches, brittle, balanced, hopeful, paintings, daubs, cold, picnic, nails, ancestors

poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6,

World Peace Year Sixth, counting from 2012, to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are going strong and profound 

john Kerry, and Emma bonino, italy and washington d. c.



Barack Obama and George Walker bush on world peace


Jack Ingram sings
under the flagship of Donald Trump,
revealing some important facts:
poetry sense,

Kimberly Dunn has the legs of Emily dickenson,
she masks our day with heavy raindrops
dogs and cats
they meow and bark
all the way
down to white house,
to Houston ranch,
to Pullman Jena street
and to new mexico

barack obama and emma bonino,
they put john kerry and bob dole on Walton arts center
orchestra Larson James, Dan Larson, Kim Jones,
from El Paso to Lincoln capital dome,
I hear Uncle Sam,
I hear Lilyn Cheekawood,
I hear Kayla Hale,
I hear Bri Badwell


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Frank Ruland Aug 18, 2014 Oxygen, A is for Allen, B is for Birds, C is for Constant 5, D is for Danforth, F is for France, G is for Google, H is for Harvard, I is for Illinois

Frank Ruland
I think today it is time for
me to take the time to breath.
Lately, I've been bogged down
by so much negativity.

But before I take the inhale--
before I make this plunge;
I gotta learn to let go.
I gotta learn to exhale.

Let the miasma dissolve--
be carried with the winds.
It no longer afflicts me.
I'm learning how to breathe.

Take away these wires--
I can stand on my own.
New life, within, surging
A much needed purging.

I don't need depression
I have found my own rock
and now I am        stronger
confused, I am no longer.

Today, I feel much better
I've some oxygen in me
My brain can finally function
now that I've learned to breath.

  A is for Allen, B is for Birds, C is for Constant 5, D is for Danforth, F is for France, G is for Google, H is for Harvard, I is for Illinois, J is for Jesus, K is for King Joseph, L is for Los angeles, M is for Moon, N is for Nick Jr., O is for Oxygen, P is for Pearson, Q is for Quiz, R is for Radishes, S is for Shengbutow, T is for Tomato, U is for UW of seattle, V is for Violin, W is for Wood, X is for X-ray,
Y is for Yo Yo Ma, Z is for Zippers

poetry rally week 84, oxygen and fresh air

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)

 Image result for oxygen  O2 is Oxygen, which is called "YangQi" by Paisley

 Image result for oxygen  plants and fresh air, they are essential

this planet holds together
gravitating humans
Through scalding chemicals
Chemicals staining our breath
(some ancient soliloquies never forgotten)
Atoms dying
And then living
Inside of our mortally immortal bodies
So be my rubidium
(I am oxygen)
And crave me and my words
We will explode and simultaneously
Shattering the world around us
Releasing the angst of a lonesome soul and
tantalizing revelations of hope
the innate genius hidden in us
Rubidium and Oxygen

Saturday, February 18, 2017

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Donald trump and his grandchildren, Areba and Joseph
Image result for 颜仟汶   Mo Gui Tu Fu,  A MOVIE

Image result for 颜仟汶 

Leigha Sophiedun Wang

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Leo F. Rayfiel

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 David Rayfiel