Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Ox In Fox and The Cowboy In Cattles...

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A horse carries the rider
to life's higher ground,
and makes traveling more enjoyable
than walking on one's two feet,
The function of an ox in farming
is similarly profound,
As part of the f-ox (spelling),
Ox adds inspirations and charm, how great!
This reminds me of a cowboy,
which is na-me-d to ho-nor
some kinds of spirit in a community,
Ox in or outside of the Box --> Cow-bo-y-->Cows-->Catt-les,
Xiao Niu (New)-->Niu Lang -->Nai Niu--> Jia Chu or Niu,
everyone drinks milk,
Everyone who loves milk belongs to the cowboy county...
no wonder we automatically woo-sheep (wor-ship) Lor-D,
and chukle under the un-it-ed states of America.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

To The East Wind (Hyde Park Poetry Week 70 Rally)

Come with rain,
Let your desires obtain,
Give the buried soldiers a medal,
Let the restless feet of swans pedal,
Discover the ring beneath the pillow,
Swing into the spring under the willow,
Bathe my chair, make it rock,
Milk the cat at egg-actly 8' O'clock,
Melt the counter,
Cook something better,
Buy me your favorite melon,
Serve my cup of juice with fresh lemon,
Come in with poems all over your notes,
Wash me with soy milk
and feed me Quaker oats.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hopping Humor For The Day!

Q: Which froggy won the Olympic gold medal?
A: The Tadpole-vaulter.
Q: Why did the frog go to jail?
A: For robbing the river bank.
Q: What country do frogs come from?
A: Greenland.
Q: What do froggies drink with their pizza?
A: Croak.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Jesse's Chore © Emily Joyce-Marie Freeman (Images by msn


The darkness swells
up the well
the basement lies below
with clothes in hand
my mom demands
down I must go

What creature waits
past those gates
that hold in the dark
a creep, a killer
a midnight thriller
waiting to tear me apart

At the end
of my long descend
the washing machine I see
I march straight ahead
ignoring the dead
and the fear that swells in me

My task is done
I have begun
my climb back up the stairs
I will return
when it's the dryers turn
much to my despair

Image Credit:, msn

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fooled Again (Short Story Slam Week 24)

Things indoor look youthful
may not be naturally created to be truthful,
Makeups and artificial names are cool,
But disguised crimes cannot do,
As you see that, I confess,
My reactions to things shall be honestly a success,
I look askance
at plastic trees, plastic surgery on faces,
The charm seem so very real,
and they dearly make one stare and feel,
But something is definitely wrong,
When one threats using your friend's cell phone,
making false statements so much like true,
If I were you, I would sue!

Image Credit:, the new york times...