Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Ox In Fox and The Cowboy In Cattles...

Image Credit:, Google =GuGe

A horse carries the rider
to life's higher ground,
and makes traveling more enjoyable
than walking on one's two feet,
The function of an ox in farming
is similarly profound,
As part of the f-ox (spelling),
Ox adds inspirations and charm, how great!
This reminds me of a cowboy,
which is na-me-d to ho-nor
some kinds of spirit in a community,
Ox in or outside of the Box --> Cow-bo-y-->Cows-->Catt-les,
Xiao Niu (New)-->Niu Lang -->Nai Niu--> Jia Chu or Niu,
everyone drinks milk,
Everyone who loves milk belongs to the cowboy county...
no wonder we automatically woo-sheep (wor-ship) Lor-D,
and chukle under the un-it-ed states of America.