Sunday, October 14, 2012

Please Don't Confuse Unexpected Accidents (1%) and Sentences By Law Due To Crimes (70% Above Chnace)

Some say: my way is the better way
to live, free, no shame,
thus they choose what's appear gay
to connect, making grand claim.
Traditionally, we stand firm to our core values,
Family, children come first,
Faith and virtue shall not be confused,
with ill logic or intended contest.
America is proud of its democracy,
Individual freedom is the key,
Reinforcing one's contrasting life style to another one
is wrong, although the society tolerates it, mostly.
I cannot respect you
after you figure out ways to pee in my backyard,
Leaving an odd smell under my nose, pee yew,
and begging the public to honor you for not robbing me full.
yes, you can obtain certain things illegally,
but never the blessings from divine God,
you see, God is wanted forever, because people keep sinning,
it's your sin to mislead some confused minds via your behavior absurd.
Here is the statistics:
When you commit crime,
your chance to be punished is 70% or above,
when you behave properly,
your chance to be hurt by accident is less than 1%,
almost zero chance to be sentenced when you are innocent.
It's up to you to decide your future,
so far, it's true that people fall of tracks
because opportunity is available to them...
Good luck, learn your ropes,
and keep mending your fences with hopes.