Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pen With Talent in Magician and Elements in Gene By Andrew Mayfield, JR! (Magician=Mo'Su'Shi, Gene=Ji)

I'm not an artist,
who draws pictures of birds, with fancy colors
such as blue and red,
I draw my pictures with words
that can be easily read.
Some artists capture daytime hushes,
Dabbing pictures with their brushes.
I think like the magician ,
I'll draw my pictures with a pen.
A picture is fixed,
A pen is flexible,
One's condition changes,
one he learns
how to read, and think
must have something stimulating in gene.


  1. pen is powerful tool to speak out and share.

  2. Loved it and it's so true. I can't draw a lick, even though I love looking at paintings, drawings, etc., but while I love looking at them I don't...connect with them, I guess you can say.
    The written word is completely different for me; reading someone's work like this makes my mind explode with pictures and those in turn bring smells, emotions and memories back so vividly; that is how I best connect as well.
    Job well done; thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a blessed day.

  3. writes are freelance writers of course,

    arts are common and honor all of those who write, inspire, and share.

    Art = Aya Wilson =Yanqui =Yanji...

  4. we have many great artists, world famous ones and more.

    everyone who writes can be called artist, the difference is good one and bad one.

  5. Words can paint a beautiful picture. Your words do just that.