Sunday, September 1, 2013


Looks like Retro Burger is now just a thing of the past.

University Dining Services renamed Retro Burger, which is in the Scott-Parker-Wentz complex, to the Service Station  (Fu Wu Zhan)for the fall semester while also elevating the selection of burgers once offered at the hamburger joint.

Though the decorations and location hasn’t changed, the menu has. Rather than serving simple hamburgers and fries, the Service Station offers many choices, such as the California Dreamin’ Burger and three types of French fries.

Students also have the option to build their own burger or chicken sandwich if they choose.
The Service Station morphs into the Service Station After Dark with a more expansive menu and a full wait staff after the lunch hour. Students at Oklahoma State University are well acquainted with the Service Station’s popular dinner menu of the past.

Despite the higher prices, the Service Station After Dark offers a selection of pasta, seafood and salads that can’t always be found on campus for students.

The shift from Retro Burger to the Service Station was inspired by some of the students on campus who were a part of focus and advisory groups for University Dining Services. Participants were asked questions regarding possible menu items as well as changing the name of Retro Burger to the Service Station.

Terry Baker, director of University Dining Services, said each group responded positively to a “revitalized menu” on campus.

“Having more choices for lunch definitely is a good thing,” civil engineering sophomore Brent Wooldridge said. “Signature burgers are always appealing to students.”

To revamp the menu, University Dining Services used burger concepts derived from “Main Branch Burgers,” which are top-selling burgers from other burger chains, said University Dining Services employee Jessica Meltion.

During Welcome Week, a test run was used to see whether the change in name and menu would be appealing to new and old students.

“The test run was really good and positive,” Baker said.

Over the course of the weeklong test run, about 100 free lunches were distributed.

“The process was really smooth and students loved how the menu switched it up from last year’s burger options,” Melton said.

As for the name change, the focus groups said that having two restaurant names last year was confusing because Retro Burger and the Service Station were in the same location.

Therefore, to remove any misunderstanding about the location of the two restaurants, University Dining Services chose to rename the Retro Burger to the Service Station and make dinner hours the Service Station After Dark.

To spread the word on the new restaurant, samples will be distributed throughout the restaurant during its grand opening from Aug. 19 to 31. Discount coupons will be handed out randomly to customers as well.

Service Station and Service Station After Dark will be open all year to students, faculty and staff craving signature burgers and fries.

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