Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Biology, Theology, Boat, Goat, and Nuts

Domino's, Mazio's, Papa John,
Hideway, Cici's, and Cheeze's Pizza,
Don't forget Joey's pizza too.

If Sheng Wu is biology,
Then Tom Lee should be theology,
both of them keep me from getting allergy.

If Jiahong Wu is a boat,
then Jinya shall be a goat,
a goat on a boat, afloat...

A baby sheep is a lamb,
a baby horse is a pony,
a bee always loves honey.

you look, I cook,
you fly, i slide,
you love, i rise above.

Let's call Jack and  Jill,
Let's make a deal,
Let's climb the hill.

He has a good will,
she has a serious ill,
together they pay many a bill.

Joe likes mountains,
Moe fancies fountains,
Friendship maintains when it rains.

Scott loves dots,
Mimi is fond of cooking pots,
their friend Salia likes to go nuts.

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Emily Browning, 
Mary Kate, Ashley Olson, Plus Alirano Morning,
they make shows entertaining.


Let Imagination Blow You Away! Shapes and Poetry

Adam Moss || Zemin jiang
                                                     Bill Clinton            Ying Liu
                                                   Chris Hine                 Xiaodong Sun
                                                David Boren                   Wen-ching Sung
                                              Ellen Worsdall                     Vadim Backman
                                            Frank Shu                                 Underwood Kobe
                                         George Jones                                  Tom Jolly
                                           Hao Huang                                    Shengsu Li
                                             Iseri Mert                                    Randall Lane
                                              Jill Abramson                            Qixian Nu (7th Maiden Fairy)
                                                Kuizhi Yu                              Piljin Yi
                                                   Lee Yong-goo                   Ostman Sarah
                                                     Martin Barron  ||  Nash Holdings
Ana Paula Maciel || Zhicheng Jiang
                                               Brandon Stukey              Yun Ma
                                             Charles Warlow                   Xiulian (Sue) Huang (Wong)
                                           Doane Seth                              Wen Jiang
                                         Elyse Bale                                     Villano Matt
                                       Fumei Bai                                          Uer Kaixi
                                     Greg Torode                                         Tong Ye
                                        Hu Yaobang                                     Shu (Xu) Yaqi
                                           Ivan Yuan                                   Rampton Roberta
                                              Jiazhe Zhang                          Qing Dong
                                                Kumar Roy Sanjib              Phil Stewart
                                                   Lan Yang                      O’Neil Kristina
                                                      Max Baucus  ||  Niliksi Koswanage
D. J. Machale, Paulo Coelho,
Smart writers, creative soul,
Jodi Picoult, Ark Angel,
Juvenile Readers’ Friend to tend,
K. A. Applegate, Douglas Adams,
No more questions or doubts.
Read a book a day,
Let imagination blow you away.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Evanston and Nu

Northern and Midwest,
Wet and Modest,
Evanston is tall,
Nu adds strength to summer's Fall.
Go, Northwestern University,
Stay Cheerful, Evanston community,
Continue the lead on technology,
Be friend with Chicago O'Hare, and other experts in physics, chemistry, music, and biology...

Morris Alma Raine’s Honor Roll From A to Z

Adam Goodman                                                       Zachary Lewis-Hills
   Brenna Argall                                                    Yun Wang
     Clifford Noble                                              Xiaoyan Chen                                                             
       Davis Darren                                            Wayne Greene
         Elizabeth Tisdahl                                 Vishu Patel
          Frank Walsh                                     Uwe Gorden
           Goce Trajcevski                            Thrasos Pappas
             Haoqi Zhang                             Seng-Tiong Ho
               Iain Nunez                            Russelm Joseph
                Jones Kenneth                   Queen Elizabeth II
                  Ken Forbes                    Peter Scheuermann
                    Liz Gerber                Owen Canfield
                     Michael Honig  |  Nozelar Curtis