Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Biology, Theology, Boat, Goat, and Nuts

Domino's, Mazio's, Papa John,
Hideway, Cici's, and Cheeze's Pizza,
Don't forget Joey's pizza too.

If Sheng Wu is biology,
Then Tom Lee should be theology,
both of them keep me from getting allergy.

If Jiahong Wu is a boat,
then Jinya shall be a goat,
a goat on a boat, afloat...

A baby sheep is a lamb,
a baby horse is a pony,
a bee always loves honey.

you look, I cook,
you fly, i slide,
you love, i rise above.

Let's call Jack and  Jill,
Let's make a deal,
Let's climb the hill.

He has a good will,
she has a serious ill,
together they pay many a bill.

Joe likes mountains,
Moe fancies fountains,
Friendship maintains when it rains.

Scott loves dots,
Mimi is fond of cooking pots,
their friend Salia likes to go nuts.

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Emily Browning, 
Mary Kate, Ashley Olson, Plus Alirano Morning,
they make shows entertaining.


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