Friday, April 11, 2014

Evanston and Nu

Northern and Midwest,
Wet and Modest,
Evanston is tall,
Nu adds strength to summer's Fall.
Go, Northwestern University,
Stay Cheerful, Evanston community,
Continue the lead on technology,
Be friend with Chicago O'Hare, and other experts in physics, chemistry, music, and biology...

Morris Alma Raine’s Honor Roll From A to Z

Adam Goodman                                                       Zachary Lewis-Hills
   Brenna Argall                                                    Yun Wang
     Clifford Noble                                              Xiaoyan Chen                                                             
       Davis Darren                                            Wayne Greene
         Elizabeth Tisdahl                                 Vishu Patel
          Frank Walsh                                     Uwe Gorden
           Goce Trajcevski                            Thrasos Pappas
             Haoqi Zhang                             Seng-Tiong Ho
               Iain Nunez                            Russelm Joseph
                Jones Kenneth                   Queen Elizabeth II
                  Ken Forbes                    Peter Scheuermann
                    Liz Gerber                Owen Canfield
                     Michael Honig  |  Nozelar Curtis

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