Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Dreams Are the Sun by Dawn Michelle

See that golden hue
Burning in the west
My dreams are with that color
My dreams are the sun
The sun always sets
But never seems to rise
That sun carries my dreams
Slowly out of my reach
I watch it slide away
Leaving me behind
The color disappears
My dreams are with that sun
Whenever the sun sets
It rises in another place
A place blessed by that light
My dreams are hidden in that light
At my window seat
I watch the sun take it all away
My dreams are with the sun
My dreams are the sun

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

watermelon cuts

go on red,
stop on green,
that's a riddle for Ken.
stripes on its body,
sweet pink meat inside the hard-shell,
seeded or seedless options.
a summer treat,
the watermelon cuts feed thirst,
amazing fruit nut-att.

Outdoor gardening: Growing watermelons


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