Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Natalie's Dallas Sweet Gourmet

Besides LaMill Coffee
and Sonic Red Button roast Tea,
I'm thrilled about Mary May,
who serves at Natalie's Dallas Sweet Gourmet today.
Pat Brownwood,
ShanTou, TaiPa, Dalian, JinAn, YanTai, or SanJuan,
George Walker Bush speaks of Gladiola Montana,
Texas Bix Bender travels to Salt Lake City with Gibbs Smith.
Love Sichuan chicken bowl at Cui Hua (Tsui Wah) house,
Praise LaHunta's potato sandwich via Sonic Delaware North,
The Hong Kong dollars from Ivan Pan at Page One is evergreen in value.
So does the Ngau Chi and Yau Ma Mei theatres.
from Payne county water field, to will roger world airport,
from Los Angeles ink-sack bar to Kowloon subway stop,
from Island Pacific hotel to Shenzhen Science center,
from Macau Vanatian entertainment to American Airline honolulu,
every place demonstrates a name with gratitude and grace, and that's peace!