Tuesday, August 18, 2015

JWU Only RI University in Education Initiative (Johnson and Wales University)


Johnson & Wales University has been selected by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) to participate in an international initiative aimed at strengthening the education doctorate degree (EdD) for future education leaders. JWU is the only Rhode Island higher education institution taking part in this project.
“The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate gives us the opportunity to engage with others from the US, Canada and New Zealand,” said Thomas DiPaola, PhD, director of the doctoral program at JWU.
“Learning best practices that have been successful elsewhere will help us build on our on-going efforts to enhance the JWU Educational Leadership Doctoral Program. Our selection to participate in the Consortium is a tribute to JWU and our faculty, as well as our alumni and current students. We are extremely excited and honored to have been selected.”
“The expansion of the Consortium to a third cohort speaks to the credibility of this faculty-led effort and to our dedication to learn from diverse settings around the US and beyond its borders as a means to develop the strongest professional preparation in education,” stated Jill Perry, executive director of the CPED.
The vision of the Consortium is to transform the EdD (referred to as a Professional Practice Doctorate) into the degree of choice in preparing the next generation of practitioner experts, as well as K-12 and college leaders in education. This work is especially important for those who will generate research and quality academic achievement as it relates to educational practices and policies.
With the addition of a third cohort, the CPED Consortium will total 87 schools and colleges working together to standardize the EdD. Joining JWU as the 33 schools selected for this cohort include Northeastern University, Brigham Young University, and Texas A & M.