Saturday, December 5, 2015

picking up the pieces by watchful hands (short story slam week 34)

there are lots of writers
who write for comedy,
not for business

today i pick a few guests
who be hosted or promoted
via Jeopardy

and on the price is right tv,
we often are entertained by many
including Drew Carey

how about Lisa Carney,
who happens to be a neighborly friend
and her son Rylan Carney is tall

think of Dennis James, Rachel Reynold,
I feel the high IQ and the colorful products
and God bless Madeline Pickens

and now we say more people to explore
the wit and insights from new England, hohoho,
let's pray for Molly Boren, and Morton Schapiro

merry christmas, to Michelle Obama,
Tracy Jill Biden, Amy Shen, Asya Classen, Trent Swanson
and Joe Mitchell, Meredith Blecha Wells, Dennis McClurg, and Gayla Foster

Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments