Sunday, April 17, 2016

poetry rally week 83, entry number two, on Pichai, Gilbert, Avery, Emde, Ivarra, Cao, Thacker, Rockwell, Brin, Schmidt, Page, and Rials

poetry rally week 83, entry number two, on Pichai, Gilbert, Avery, Emde, Ivarra, Cao, Wood,
Wilson, Ella, Beredjick, Schapiro, Pippen, Thacker, Rockwell, Brin, Schmidt, Page, and Rials

Joyce Gilbet's tears

snow storms
Carroll Rials' scars

Jackie Avery's play toys

Anjali Pichai's passion

Dim Sum dishes
Srinivasan Pichai's rare treats

Gilbert Emde, Mark Emde, Caleb Emde, Gilbert Evora, Whitney Emde, Khana Cao....

Refugio Robles' nightmares

Jolbert Ivarra's engagement ring

golden necklace
Beniam Mucha's favorite jewelry

pearls buck
Jiya's old grandma's pen name

number theory
Bethany Fomby's love for abstract education

William Jaco's keystone dam

applied analysis
Peter Constantin's Chicago Bull pride

Billy Gilbert, Bettye Gilbert, Bettye Herlocker, Khan Cao, Wendy Schmidt, Beryl Rosenberg

Lawrence Page's breakthrough

jerry yang's positive energy

Wilma Avery's walking cane

free verse
Denise Garza's new thought

Harvard square
Drew Faust's opera house

John Evans' version on Thomas Edison and Issac Newton

new york times
Saymi Evora's reliable read

cello string
sheng wu's superb strength and amelia wilson's violin string

firefox uploads
ask Tomas, Scott, Monte, Max, Samba, Winnie, Ann, Calvin, Ashley, Yvonne, Courtney, and Sundar  

Monday, April 11, 2016

poetry rally week 83, an array of business from Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri

Corky's Ribs & BBQ
John A's
Wolfner Library
Jefferson City
Assistive Technology Center
Saint Louis Science Center
Omnimax Theater
Saint Louis Public Library
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Dolly Parton
Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
Hampton Inn---Knoxville West
Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Alcoa Knoxville
Johnson City
Kodak / Sevierville
Comfort Suites ---Manshester
Pigeon Forge
In & Around Nashville
Arrington Vineyards
Cave Country Kentucky Vacation Map

a group of scholars from around the world, short story slam week 42

Fortune magazine
many famous people come in

they occupy the cover
they appear smart and slim

let's list many more beyond these,
we call roll to payne county, tom lee, gina noble

Richard Lyons, Catherine Pierce, Lan Qin, Melina Mara,
Hector Bizerk, May Penniel, Penelope Pelizzon, Foyle Young

Jim Harrison, Bernie Sanders, Sarah Howe, Sandra Beasley,
John Clay, Anca Bautista, Larry Gosney, Ralph Lauren, Yeovil Sherborne

it is possible when these feel great
especially, when their mood improves

so, we add Timothy Long, Richard Bianco, Kurt Markus,
Jason Edward Grife, Richard Green, Dana Gioia, and Steadman Upham