Monday, April 11, 2016

a group of scholars from around the world, short story slam week 42

Fortune magazine
many famous people come in

they occupy the cover
they appear smart and slim

let's list many more beyond these,
we call roll to payne county, tom lee, gina noble

Richard Lyons, Catherine Pierce, Lan Qin, Melina Mara,
Hector Bizerk, May Penniel, Penelope Pelizzon, Foyle Young

Jim Harrison, Bernie Sanders, Sarah Howe, Sandra Beasley,
John Clay, Anca Bautista, Larry Gosney, Ralph Lauren, Yeovil Sherborne

it is possible when these feel great
especially, when their mood improves

so, we add Timothy Long, Richard Bianco, Kurt Markus,
Jason Edward Grife, Richard Green, Dana Gioia, and Steadman Upham

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