Wednesday, June 1, 2016

news from princeton ias

ias, the institute letter
institute for advanced studies
jonathan haslam appointed to faculty
a larger pattern of institutional recism
that is what michael hanchard
patricia crone 1945-2015
peter sarnak, caroline walker, corinne bonnect,
garth fowden, mauro guillen, claudia rapp,
sara seager, john forbes nash, 1928-2015,
hugh gusterson, richard ashby wilson,
danian hu, studying physics in America,
pei-yuan chou, c. s. wang chang, daniel fred,
how topology detects certain phases of matter
from the motion of phanets to quantum field theory
geometric langlands, khovanov homology, string theory,
motion of planets,
permutation puzzles, from archimedes to the rubik's cube
national math festival: supporting the math of today and tomorrow,
state violence,
a colloquiium in honor of patricia crone
afsanch beschloss, jonathan nelson,
sandra peterson, eric schmidt

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