Wednesday, September 7, 2016

short story slam week 52, sunday shadow and abc wednesday

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 Image result for italy

I is for iron and fire

 Iron and fire
Ipad and Italy

India and Indianan
Importing and Exporting

iphone and internet

index of new york city reading rockets

Laura bush and michelle obama
Jill biden and indie Chenney

indoor spra and indoor pool
outside lawn and ostrich birds

interests and loans
interstate highway 183 and state turnpike 44

shadows linger
words squeeze

Intel technology and San Joseph
Inward and outward curve of differentiation equation

In, Out,
Input, Output,

in my poe post today,
interesting imagery bubbles up in my web pages

I is for Iain Pabus
I is for Isabella Trump and Ivanka Krajiceg

 Image result for shadow walks

 Image result for shadow walks
 Image result for shadow walks
  Shadow Shot Sunday 2
 Image result for italian school    

Image result for chicago bulls
  Image result for italy

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